I live in South Africa, and have recently opened an account with 2Checkout. Please please please DO NOT USE 2CHECKOUT. Since I signed up, they disabled my account saying that we are selling “branded products” – of course retailers on the internet sell branded products, which retailer doesnt sell brand name products??? So because of this, they disabled the account and said I should provide documentation to prove that I in fact have a license to sell these products. I provided them with documentation and still they have not reenabled my account. Absolutely ridiculous.The second reason why you should go with 2Checkout is their pathetic chargeback and order system. Once someone makes an order on your website, and pays with the credit card, 2Checkout sends you an email and says the following:

Dear Vendor

This is an automated notice that we have completed
our review on a batch of orders for your account 1******.

PASSED: Please ship the following orders.
Vendor ID        Order ID        Comments
1*******               4**********

FAILED: These sales have been determined to be
fraudulent, and have already been canceled, no
further action is necessary.

ON HOLD: We are currently awaiting further
information about these sales.

Please refrain from shipping any sales in the ON HOLD
category until you have confirmation from 2CO that the
sale has been reviewed and it has a status of PASSED.

If you would like more fraud information at any time about
these or any of your sales, login to your 2Checkout account
and click on ‘Review’ under the ‘Helpful Links’ section.
This area provides a list of batches to review and offers a
search tool to locate individual sales.
Thank you,

 So clearly from this email it says that the transaction is fine and non fraudulent. Since if it were fraudulent, it would be in the failed or on hold categories. So to cut a long story short, we shipped the products, only to find out that 2Checkout initiated a chargeback, and basically what this means is that the credit card holder disputed the transaction, or that the transaction was later determined to be fraudulent. They then simply debit your account, and you then take the knock. So we have lost $600 through 2Checkout’s bad policies and poor verification. Clearly from the email above it says that the transaction is passed and non fraudulent, but then at a later stage they take money from your account if it is found to be fraudulent, even after you have shipped the products. 

Another bad experience, was that they simply issued a refund on one of the orders on my account without even sending an email or anything, simply took money out of my account because once again transaction was deemed fraudulent after they tell you everything is passed and fine.

Please do not use 2Checkout, they offer good rates, but SHOCKING SERVICE and you will end up loosing money. 2Checkout is planning to move into South Africa, and im going to do everything i possibly can to prevent fellow South Africa’s from ending up in such an unfortunate situation which I found myself in. They treat their clients like criminals, and just take your money. Feel free to comment on this post, and I will answer any questions etc.