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How to Install Bro on Ubuntu 16.04

Security Monitoring Ubuntu 16.04

Bro is an open-source network analysis framework and security monitoring application. It can perform signature and behavior-based analysis and detection, but the bulk of what it does is behavior-based analysis and detection. Features include the ability to: Detect brute-force attacks against network services like

Insurance And The Blockchain

BlockChain FinTech Insurance

The spotlight has fallen on the likes of Bitcoin and blockchain in recent weeks. But how can insurers benefit from cryptocurrency and the platform that carries it? At its most basic, the blockchain can be defined as a distributed digital ledger in which transactions

Monitor CPU Use on DigitalOcean Droplets

Monitoring DigitalOcean HowTo

Keeping an eye on your server's performance is important, and DigitalOcean provides Droplet graphs with up-to-the-minute visualizations of how your server is performing over time. In this guide, we will review the graphs that are available by default, as well as additional graphs available

Fix Google GPG Error on Ubuntu

Google ubuntu Security HowTo

This past weekend, the public signing key that Google issues to sign and authenticate packages distributed through its Linux repositories has changed, resulting in users, perhaps yourself included, seeing various errors thrown up by the package manager. If you’ve run an 'apt-update' since

Telegram Introduces New Features

telegram messaging Mobile

Telegram now allows users to set a self-destruct timer for photos and videos they share in private chats. “If you set a timer, the countdown starts the moment your recipient opens the photo or video you sent,” said Telegram. After the time runs out,

Ubuntu In Our Governments

ubuntu Government Technology BlockChain

Trust in governments has been waning over the past few thousand years, and the Western world hasn't been spared. While there are oppressive governments such as the People's Republic which filter web content, it's the spotty record America has that stuns the most. All

The True Value Of Fin-Tech In Africa

Africa FinTech

Africa’s unique cocktail of financial challenges in the technology appears to be diagonally opposite to the situation in the western world. 80% of adults in Africa are still unbanked in the traditional sense. Fiat currency is still king across the continent, with the

Digital Food Disruption

Technology Startups Amazon WholeFoods

Amazon’s latest ambition may drive a new wave of technological disruption in what many are calling the last frontier of industry and commerce to see real technological input. There’s no real mystery to why Amazon would be so assertive in grocery: Total

Ten Useful Chrome Extensions

chrome internet Hacks Chromium

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. To take full advantage of Chrome, there exist plenty of useful extensions that are sure to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. As some of you may know, Chrome extension can also be

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