Well this is quite a random post, but im currently in London and iv noticed a couple of things ? when going onto Google I find that there isnt really a website which details the best restaurants, the best computer shops, the best accommodation… Quite a few websites come up with a list of restaurants and places to stay, but very few of them are written by anyone who seems remotely human – so i thought id write a little post for anyone going to london, and staying in the notting hill, bayswater area..

Place to stay: Grand Plaza Apartments, located on prices square. Nice room size, helpful staff, well prices, awesome location.

Places to eat: well there are a number of restaurants in the bayswater area, with every kind of cuisine u cud imagine! Very nice indian restaurant called Maharaja (excuse spelling), quite pricey, but very nice. Diagonally across from Queensway station. An awesome Thai restaurant, and by far the cheapest and tastiest place to eat in bayswater, and as far as what iv seen in london lol ? its called TukTuk, pretty much across the way from Queensway station aswell. Something else to eat, waffles at the waffle house, really really nice! Other than that there is burger king, and the similar joints to chow at.

The best computer shops/stores/places in Bayswater, and in London – No one on my list is the Queensway computer market, just next to Queensway station – its kinda like walking into another country, with people of all nationalities selling the cheapest computer parts u cud imagine. If ur looking for parts, and pretty much anything else a computer geek looks for, then this ur place, its heaven ? PC World is a nice place to buy laptops and general pc’s, have really good deals running, especially in the new year, so if ur looking to buy a PC, then hit pc world. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to the PC World at tottenham hale (Victoria Line), its consistently been the worst PC World I have ever been to (Trust me i have been to lots ? Understaffed, and the few staff that are on the floor think they kno everything and start arguing with u.. Its also quite far out, and once uv sat on the tubes for so long, the last thing u need is some guy who doesnt kno the difference between a spacebar and backspace trying to tell you how computers work. The PC World to go to, is just across the way from Goodge Street station, its well stocked, plenty of staff, and a pleasant experience! Another MUST for any computer/electronics enthusiast is Maplin Electronics, ahhhhh man i looooove this place, its the British equivalent of Radio Shack, but 1 million times better, they’ve got everything!! Trust me and go to this place for any components and really nice computer gadgets. 2mor im going to be taking a look at a computer shop nearby tottenham court road station, and its called yoyotech, ill post about it soon. Apparently this place rocks, but will confirm (not that my opinion is better, but if uv read this far, then u may as well listen to wat i have to say ?

ok im sick of typing now, so ill end there. have a good day!! p.s throughout the whole trip iv learned how useful DNS tunneling can be, with a reliable dyndns updater such as DDClient.

Over n out