Block torrent ports Pfsense

Torrents are an absolute killer of network bandwidth. Using Pfsense you can block torrents by blocking the following port ranges on the LAN interface:

6000 – 28999
29000 – 65535

Please note that blocking these port ranges can be considered overkill and most torrent clients don’t operate using the full port range. Essentially what I’ve done is block the widest range of non-standard to ports to ensure that no sneaky torrent clients can bypass the proxy. You may be asking why I don’t simply block ports 6000 – 65535 – the reason why I have separated the rules is to have the ability to enable one port range or the other if need be. This can be further improved by splitting firewall rules into blocks of 5000 or 10 000 for the above port range. Please see the Pfsense firewall rules on the LAN interface below: