Cannot login to admin Open Classifieds v1.7.4 – SOLUTION

From time to Open Classifieds locks you out of the admin account, and when you try and login it simply takes you back to the login page. The admin account stopped working as soon as i changed the name of a category. I think that this was just coincidental, and its something to do with the permissions on the server side. Another possible reason for lockout in many cases is adding www to the url for the admin login, or dropping the www. If you installed open classifieds using a domain name including www then make sure you login with that exact url/admin and if you didnt use www when you installed open classifieds, then … Ok now for the solution: What I did was simply login via ftp (using filezilla) and i even though the .htaccess file already had permissions of 777, i right clicked on the file and executed permissions of 777 again and all was fine.

Hope you come right and pls feel free to comment or ask any questions