Discover These Skype Alternatives For Ubuntu

Ever since Microsoft took over Skype in 2011, their security record hasnt been looking any more secure than before the acquisition. Considering that from July 1st Ubuntu users will not have the option to download the native app, these six cross-platform open source applications may be a viable alternative.

There are multiple options for desktop video chat already available, however finding one to work on your mobile device as well might prove challenging. Your choice of the right messaging application will depend on the kind of communication you will require. Skype includes, text chat, video chat, and VoIP. Finding an alternative that will do all of these on Ubuntu will be challening, but it's not impossible, especially if you can use combination of two or more.


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, Linux and Windows

This encrypted VoIP communication app is a relief to consider. It can be accessed across multiple platforms, a simple user interface and the reliable security to keep your mind at ease. Linphone runs text chatting, video chatting as well as multiple feature voice calls; such as call transfer, pause, resume, and merging many calls at once. The responsicve interface adapts to whichever mobile device you might be using.


Available on: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Tox is probably the closest to all the mobile applications that can provide the same features as Skype. It's beautiful interface makes it easy to overlook the simple features which include text messaging, voice and video calls. With a strong focus on privacy, Tox makes it their mission to keep the things we say online away from any government agency that might seek it; A mission they have yet to abandon. This application is completely free to download and operate and is strongly encrypted. That means you wont be seeing any ads or 'freemium' features. Infact, it's open source license allows for modifications based on the users preference.


Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, Linux, Windows, Web

Telegram, like the apps mentioned above is a completely free to download open source contendor to Skype. Telegram has a special focus on file-sharing of any type and text chatting, which has resulted in the absence of VoIP calls on the current version of the app. Users can only communicate between with added telegram contacts as all messages are encrypted from end-to-end. Should you need extra security, you can set messages to automatically delete after a specified time. As it is cloud-based, Telegram offers cloud storage on the files shared between contacts. Its speed is the result of the several servers it uses across the glob, as well as keeping your messages in sync should you be using more than one device.

If you any comments about the discontinuation of Skype on Ubuntu or any of the alternatives you have experience with, please share them in the comments below!