Do not buy a Sansa Clip + Mp3 player

So those of you who have been following my blog, would notice that a while ago i posted about how expensive Apple ipods etc are, and that the mp3 player you should go for is the Sansa Clip. Well my sincerest apologies for recommending the purchase of one of those. 2 years ago i bought 5 sansa clips, the reason for buying 5 is not because im looney, but for mates etc. Each of the clips were bought at different places in the U.K, and every single jack squat one of them has now packed up. The common thing that happens is that the screen simply doesnt show anything. The one mate’s sansa clip malfunctioned and his volume button only works when decreasing the volume, so he’s basically 4 presses away from piece of electronic crap. My old man had one, my sis had one, and i had one, all of which stopped working for various reasons. So i thought maybe is was the batch, but this cant be the case since they were all bought at various places throughout the U.K. Apart from them packing up, when they were working, they were stunning little MP3 players! Sansa really have the right idea, but they seriously need to implement some sort of quality control testing.

So recently i went over to the states with my old man, and i saw the new sansa clip +, and basically it is the same as the original sansa clip, with a few extra bells and whistles: Expandable Micro SD slot, and slotradio. Now slotradio was a wonderful idea, but badly implemented according to this chap’s site

So i thought, oh well, let me give the sansa clip + a go and see if they have improved on things. You might call me mad, having bought 5 of the darn things 2 years ago, and i decide to go back for more punishment ? The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ? Anyways, back on topic: The new sansa clip + was working wonderfully until it gave me the screen below:


So im now waiting for the battery to die before i can actually do anything. To conclude: dont buy this product from sansa, they need to do alot of work on it before it matches the quality found with apple ipods and shuffles etc. Apple may be expensive, but rather pay substantially more, and get a product that works, than having to fork out cash 6 times over ? Im sure other people would have come to their senses after the first failed sansa clip, but in my defense i bought them all before any of them failed ?

Well i hope this helps someone in making the right choice about which mp3 player NOT to buy. Just to clarify, these were all 4GB models. My recommendation, go for the ipod shuffle, its minute, got awesome sound quality, and it will work nicely. My apologies to for cursing the ipod and the shuffle in my earlier post ?

So this part of the post is the next day after having flattened the battery of the sansa clip, and when i put it on charge and turned it on, all is fine now. I still however stick to what I said about not buying one of these, since my sister also got the new sansa clip + and her’s isn’t working -> simply doesn’t turn on