2Checkout recently closed my account with the following comments:The following notes have been added to your account. Please review this information and take corrective action, if needed by: as soon as possible.

Details: During a recent review of this account it was determined we can no longer support it. This account has been closed and any remaining funds will be reviewed for release in 90 days. We wish you the best of luck with finding a suitable e-commerce partner.

Thank you,

2Checkout.com Inc
1785 O’Brien Road
Columbus, OH 43228, USA
Contact us:  http://www.2checkout.com/community/help/

There was absolutely no warning, simply closing of the account. For an international company this is the worst level of service which I have ever experienced. I know that all things happen for a reason, and to be quite honest its a good thing that I’m rid of these people. Hello Payza ? Much better service, a company that actually wants to help! I wrote another post about 2Checkout: http://www.turkeytunnel.com/2012/09/2checkout-review-absolutely-terrible-do.html