As a foreigner its always daunting to get from the airport to Manhattan and back, knowing which mode of transport to choose and knowing which one is the fastest and best value for money. Well here is a very simple way which my mom and i took: when arriving at jfk, jump on the airtrain to Jamaica station, where you will transfer to the subway. Don’t worry about tickets until you get to Jamaica station where you will buy a combination airtrain and subway metrocard which works out to $7.25. From Jamaica take the e train to 42nd street, and you’re in Manhattan, as simple as that. Took us 50 minutes. To get back to the airport from 42nd street, take the e train to sutpin blvd and then take the airtrain to jfk. Be sure to take the uptown bound queens e train to sutpin blvd and not the downtown bound Brooklyn e train. Another thing which is useful to know is which terminal you will be departing from – there is a directory of airlines and terminals from which they depart inside the airtrain. Last time we were in New York we took the nyas bus service which we booked online, don’t use it, its alot slower than the airtrain and subway combo and its alot more expensive. Hav fun and lemme know if you hav any questions.