Email Notifications For FreeFileSync – 100% working! – LoggyMail

For ages FreeFileSync users have been asking for email notifications which inform them of the status of the backup based on logs stored in a specific directory. Well wait no longer, simply download LoggyMail from here and enjoy sending email notifications each time FreeFileSync creates a log file.

LoggyMail works as follows:

– It is dependent on the logs produced by FreeFileSync, so you will need to enable logs for batch file jobs in FreeFileSync

– It is dependent on the .NET 4.0 Framework

– The name of the FreeFileSync batch file needs to contain the text LoggyMail, which in turn produces log files containing the name LoggyMail. e.g dataBackupLoggyMail.ffs_batch

– It finds the latest log file in the specific log directory

– It sends the log file text in the body of the email, exactly as it appears in the log itself

– LoggyMail is dependent on command line switches and is used as follows:

LoggyMail.exe “root directory for logs” “smtp server address” “To address (separated by comma if many)” “From address” “email subject”

Example for multiple recipients of FreeFileSync Log

LoggyMail.exe “C:UsersTonyDesktoplogs” “” “,” “” “Backup Email Subject”

Example for one recipient of FreeFileSync Log

LoggyMail.exe “C:UsersTonyDesktoplogs” “” “” “” “Backup Email Subject”

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