Execute batch files after visual studio setup project / installer has completed

Well you’ve been looking all over the internet to find something to execute a batch file after the visual studio installer has executed and installed your program. The visual studio installer project only allows you to execute dll files, vb script files, exe files, and javascript files.

So lets cut to the chase, heres what you have to do:

1. Download the ZooomLauncher from: http://www.zooom.co.za/ZooomLauncher/ZooomLauncher.exe

2. Include ZooomLauncher.exe in the Application Folder for the File System of you Visual Studio Setup Project

3. Go to custom actions for the visual studio installer, and click on “add custom action”, then double click on the application folder and select the ZooomLauncher.exe file which you just added from your application folder

  1. Then you will see ZooomLauncher.exe under the Commit section for the custom actions.

  2. Click on it, and then in the properties window on the right, ensure that Installer Class is set to false (very important)

6. Then input the batch file you want to execute as an argument in the properties window on the right. This is the command which I passed to the Zooom Launcher to execute my batch file: “[ProgramFilesFolder][Manufacturer][ProductName]restoreDB.bat”

  1. Hope this has helped you, and solved the problem very simply for the execution of batch files from the visual studio installer

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