Find OSD serial in Ceph Proxmox

The identification of an OSD / Disk serial number in Ceph is especially important in the event of disk failure. This can be achieved with a couple of commands:

ceph-volume lvm list

This will output something similar to:

====== osd.9 =======

[block] /dev/ceph—-

  block device              /dev/ceph----
  block uuid                -----
  cephx lockbox secret      
  cluster fsid              ----
  cluster name              ceph
  crush device class        None
  encrypted                 0
  osd fsid                  ----
  osd id                    9
  type                      block
  vdo                       0
  devices                   /dev/sdf

This will show the OSD number as will as the disk path (/dev/sdf)

The serial number can now be obtained with the following:

udevadm info --query=all --name=/dev/sdf | grep ID_SERIAL 
Ensure that disk path matches above (/dev/sdf)