Git Integration on Atom

Git goes Atomic

Atom’s latest version has been released with strong Git and Github integration directly added included via the Github package. This package provides a dock item and status bar widgets to give you access to some of the most common Git operations without leaving your editor. It allows you to stage changes and create commits, create and switch branches, and resolve merge conflicts directly in Atom’s UI.
The popular code editor Atom was released back in 2014 GitHub's cloud hosted editor made by dissecting Chromium’s source code, the open source browser that Chrome is based on, and customizing it to work with the Atom web app. While this is mainly an HTML/JavaScript-based web app, it doesn't run in a browser. It can be extended using JavaScript and is Node.js based.

The GitHub package also displays the pull request associated with your current branch in the sidebar when you issue a pull request and can display a detailed view of any issue or pull request alongside your code. You also have the ability to correctly launch Atom from the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Tokenizing performance has been improved via Oniguruma caching. Oniguruma is a regular expression engine that Ultraviolet uses to parse text.
Atom now includes an option that you can set to always restore the previous session on a restart, as well as new settings for showing the context in find and replace operations; and finally, the autocomplete offers better suggestions.

What are your experiences with this new version of Atom? Do you still need to use external Git clients like Gitkraken? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you for visiting Base64!