Google Hangout vs Skype

I’ve been watching Google Hangout for quite sometime, and tested it quite a bit with Google+. The voice quality and video quality is absolutely brilliant, and knocks skype out the park! The thing which i didnt like is the fact that I would have to open google plus through the web browser the whole time and it turned out to be a bit of a schlep. So I continued using Skype UNTIL – Google released a hangout plugin for Google Chrome, which runs in the background even when chrome is closed – this way you can receive chats and hangouts without having the webbrowser open. Google Hangout is completely free, and works like a charm, both on PC, Android and iPhone. The wonderful thing about it is that you can add multiple people to a hangout, making it perfect for team collaboration, and you are also able to utilize tools such as Google Docs while having your hangout.

[box] Check it out![/box]