Google Search Your Way To A New Job

It has become something akin to second nature of sorts to accept friend requests from some of the millions of possible strangers that abound on LinkedIn in the hope of finding that single connection that will lead to gainful employment.


Google, the panacea for millennial angst, may have come up with a solution to yet another challenge many unemployed people face. A simple search of ‘Jobs near me’, for instance, gives specific jobs-related results from the vast resources available on sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Careers24, WayUp, CareerBuilder and Facebook.

Searchers can also adjust what results they may get by filtering the commute distance, and the length of tenure to name a few.

In their blog post announcing the service Google said,

’ For many people, a job needs to satisfy some key criteria, like commute time, job specialties they’ve honed or the hours they have available to work.

‘We’ll continue to add additional filters and information in the future. Looking for jobs is a personal and complex journey, and one that we’re trying to support in this new search experience.’

The United States will see the feature launching first as from today, whilst many of us around the world, including South Africa, will have to wait for any official confirmation of release.

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