Hiding div's or content on page load without it "flashing"

I realize its been forever since my last blog, and ill be back in business soon ? down to the point, lets say you’ve got some stuff on ur website that u want loaded, but u dont want it to be displayed until some event occurs (e.g button clicked) – the way to accomplish this with either a div or content within the div is by using the display: none css property. The stuff you want hidden on page load must be encapsulated in div with a named id or class:

Any stuff u want to be hidden on page load without it flashing at you as the page loads

Now inside ur css stylesheet


display: none;


That does the trick ? Have a great day, and remember the greatest sin against humanity is withholding knowledge – Curt Sahd

P.s while im blogging now ill take the time to express my frustration (to say the least) with the way files and folders are shared in windows 7 – an absolute nightmare. I think generally code written for sharing files and folders is badly done. I need to be rethought, and recoded to make it work CONSISTENTLY AND NOT INTERMITTENTLY. In the case of windows 7, it hardly works, nevermind consistently or intermittently. Peace out. And just so that if I end up working for Microsoft one day, Windows 7 is a great operating system other than the sharing issue ?