How To Fix Maximised Window Error on Ubuntu Spotify Startup

If you're having the challenge of Spotify always appearing maximised when you star the program, this is a guide on how to get solve that problem.

Assuming you aren't able to see the window control at all so as to minimise or even close the window using window control or keyboard shortcuts, follow these steps:

Step 1

Close your Spotify App on your Linux.

Step 2

Launch your Linux file manager of choice
(e.g. Pantheon, Nemo, Nautilus, Dolphin, Thunar etc.)

Step 3

Navigate to your home directory.
Show hidden directories with:


Step 4

Navigate to into your .config folder and open your spotify folder. You should see the window_position.prefs folder.

Step 5

Open your terminal with:


Run the following command:

cd .config/spotify/ mv window_position.prefs window_position_BEK.prefs

This should have your Spotify working well enough to adjust the window size.

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