How To Install Google Sketchup on Ubuntu

SketchUp is Google's main 3D sketching program.
The official releases are only limited to MacOS and Windows but additional programs have made it possible to download the software on Linux as well.

Assuming you require a Debian distribution package, follow these simple steps to installation.

Open your terminal with:


Step 1: Download PlayOnLinux

Choose the dependency you would like from PlayOnLinux download page.

After you've downloaded it, launch the program and search for SketchUp using Actions > Install a program. After that, the program will install and configure a few dependencies and then configure SketchUp. You can use the wizard to download the setup file if you don't fancy doing a manual download yourself.

Wine will begin to download onto your machine. Once it is done, PlayOnLinux will begin installation automatically.

Install SketchUp

After the PlayOnLinux is done installing, you may then type in 'Sketchup' in the search bar which will reveal the latest version of the application. Select it, and the download will begin

Once that is completed, you should be able to open the application directly from Unity Dash.

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