How To Install Mozilla Firefox 54 on Ubuntu

Make Firefox Great Again


Mozilla has released the latest version of its internet browser, Firefox with a host of new features which will make it the envy of any non open-source fan. This is the first release since the acquisition of Pocket, which added a lot of suspicion about what features it might add to its fleet.

Multiprocess Firefox or Electrolysis e10 separates web content from the main Firefox UI processes. This means that if a poorly made web page or damaged script starts acting up, you won't have to kill the browser and all the other tabs, buttons and menus. This has been done to improve the performance of the browser and uses the hardware more efficiently, this according to a blog post. Tabs are separated into independent processes and this works across all devices, especially those with limited memory capacity.

Mozilla has tested the browser's memory usage with Google’s Chrome as well as Microsoft’s Edge to find improved memory usage by its features in comparison.


Assuming you require a Debian distribution package download, please follow these simple steps to installation.

Begin by opening your terminal with:


Run the following commands in your terminal one after the other:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

You will be prompted for a password, there is no visual feedback so enter it cautiously.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next

You are replacing your current PPA with that of Firefox Next in Mozilla’s Beta Channel.

That’s all you should need. The browser will have a slightly updated UI, but you should be able to spot it from familiarity in your Ubuntu Dash.

How was your experience with Mozilla’s new Firefox update compared to your regular browser? Please share your thoughts in the comments section provided below. Thank you for visiting Base64!