How To Turn Off the Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer

While we can all rejoice in the fact that we live in a world where Windows 10 is still a player in the OS market, that could be all jeopardised with their next move.

It wasn't surprising to see that File Explorer was actively pushing Microsoft's One Drive as an additional option for extended storage to the 400 million users it reports having.Could this spell the direction of the company's software offering henceforth?

According to Thurrot the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update will have advertisements similar those seen in the File Explorer. It might be a minor annoyance but seeing as no one asked for this, we might as well find a way to circumvent it ourselves.

  1. Open File Explorer
  1. Click the “View” tab
  1. Click “Options” and then “Change folder and search options”
  1. Click the “View” tab
  1. Scroll, locate, and uncheck “Show sync provider notifications”
  2. Click “apply” to save the changes

These steps will disable any future ads tries to place in this section.Should you have any comments, please share them in the section provided.