For a long time South Africa has been tremendously expensive in terms of Internet bandwidth. With the slithering of the new Seacom cable into this wonderful country, Internet prices have dropped considerably, and all sorts of possibilities have popped up. Now before I even begin with this idea which I had, im going to write a little disclaimer: This information should be used for sharing non-copyrighted information, and I will not be held responsible for the illegal misuse of this system. The information is purely for educational purposes and should be used appropriately. Now for the idea ? Ok its not my idea, iv seen it done before, but ill explain how its done ? Basically it involves setting up a DC++ hub over the internet, in particular on the Internet in South Africa, where local bandwidth is often unlimited for many Internet Service Providers. Buy a 1GB cap (R29) with an internet service provider, and use that 1GB as you please. Thereafter you will only be able to surf local websites such as weathersa, 5fm etc. But what this also means is that you can host a dc++ server, and anyone in the country (or in the world for that matter) can access the server and share files. Of course, as stated before these are LEGAL files. No more rambling and down to the steps to tell you how its done:

Step 1 -> Get Ubuntu Linux, its the way forward, its for free, and it makes me happy ?
Step 2-> Install dbhub

Now dont be a poepol and download the tar.gz, get the .deb file, just scroll down the list

Step 3 -> Get yourself a DYNDNS account and name
Step 4 -> Install the inadyn dnydns updater

Here is the config for inadyn which is nice and simple:

So enter this command: sudo gedit /etc/inadyn.conf

And then enter these details, obviously replacing the appropriate fields with your dyndns details:

–username YourDyndnsUsername
–password YourDyndnsPassword
–update_period 60000

Save the file.

Step 5 -> Open port 411 on your router, and forward all traffic on port 411 to your machine where dbhub is installed.

Step 6 -> Give your dyndns hostname to everyone who you want to be able to connect
Step 7 -> So if your hostname is, then the address you will give out is:

Im pretty sure that dbhub operates on port 411, but if it doesnt, please correct me ?

Step 8 -> Download till ur blue in the face

Step 9 -> Use :):):)