Laptop cooler: suck or blow air?

This evening I successfully managed to bugger up a mates laptop cooler, so i took the piece of junk apart and then found that the fan was catching on the side. Decided it was a wise idea to try and snip the blades with the scissors which is as blunt as the tip of my dogs ass, and in the process, ended up breaking one of the blades off. Anyways, the blade that broke off was the one which was catching, so in the end it all worked out. Well at least i hope it did. Because the fan inside the cooler can be mounted to either suck air from the bottom of the laptop, or blow air onto the bottom of the laptop. So in the end i went with suck air from the bottom. The laptop seems to be cooling, but the real test will be to see if things start smoking and or smelling ?

Random post, but there it is anyways ?