So the 15km race 2 weeks ago went quite well despite my worst fears – having a two legs and only one and a half knees ? The knee was pretty sore afterwards, probably about 6.5 / 10 if i have to put things in a pie chart (that ones for u blondie bluu ? I ran 2 min off my PB, which is quite impressive since i havent been doing much training.

So this week iv got another 15km in PE which i think could be quite interesting. Bin doing a bit of training, and the knee is holding up. Also iv now entered for 2 oceans 56km, as well as comrades, so this knee is kinda like a key to a prison cell at Fort Knox, if it fails im buggered ? Oh, one thing that irritates me is that people say they’ve done the two oceans, when in actual fact they only ran 21.1km, THATS NOT TWO OCEANS!!! It two oceans half marathon. Anyways enough about me rambling now, spose its time to get back to some work. But before that: I just wanna say how amazing it is being with my Blondie Bluu, she is just out of this world amazing, and I’m one flipping lucky oak. Dreams do come truu :):)