The greatest crime against humanity is selfish knowledge – it’s equivalent to mass murder of the mind (Curt Sahd, 2010)

If you have knowledge, of any kind in any field, share it – chances are there is someone out there who can use it. Recently iv been thinking plenty about the way the world runs, and exactly how sick this place is. Don’t get me wrong, I love life – every second – but it’s just crazy how this earth can function with all that goes on within. There is so much hatred, lack of compassion, lack of integrity, and lack of what us Africans call Ubuntu (Togetherness, a sense of community).

Play your part, do something good, and be the best person you can be. Avoid falling into the trap of this money sick society, and lets create one where people do favours for each other without expecting something in return.

Viva Bafethu!