Place two(2) Google reCaptcha's on the same page

Generally one only requires one(1) Google reCaptcha on a particular page. In our case the need arose to have two(2) reCaptcha's on the same page. It is fairly simple to achieve this by following a few simple steps:

Create two divs which will house both reCaptchas to be rendered below:

<div id="recaptchaField1"></div>
<div id="RecaptchaField2"></div>

Define a Callback function which will render the reCaptcha in both divs defined above:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var CaptchaCallback = function() {
        grecaptcha.render('RecaptchaField1', {'sitekey' : '6Lc_your_site_key'});
        grecaptcha.render('RecaptchaField2', {'sitekey' : '6Lc_your_site_key'});

Ensure your reCaptcha script url is as follows:

<script src="" async defer></script>

Many thanks to [Hüseyin Yağlı](" target="_blank) for this snippet.