Samsung's Fast Charging Car Battery With 500 km Range

Samsung recently shared the high-energy battery cell offering a range of up to 500km that they've been working on.

According to Samsung, you can have a driving range of up to 500km which amounts to only 80% of the cell's capacity.

Mass production for this battery has been scheduled for the year 2021 where it will accompany an “integrated battery module” concept. This will mean a 10% decrease in component units and weight compared to the models we have in production today.

Conventional electric vehicle batteries consisting of 12 cells usually power a capacity between 2kWh and 3kWh. However, Samsung claims:

"An integrated battery module has more than 24 cells with a capacity of 6-8kWh, which makes it an adequate module in the fully-fledged high-capacity EV era”.

The module also shows a higher safety level thanks to its advanced electro-mechanical design.

Will the advances made in the EV batteries compel users to adopt these as equal or better than their fossil burning counterparts? Is an electric vehicle only as clean as the energy source that powers it, leaving output as the only real criteria? Let's discuss in the comments below. Thank you for visiting Base64!