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Insurance And The Blockchain

BlockChain FinTech Insurance

The spotlight has fallen on the likes of Bitcoin and blockchain in recent weeks. But how can insurers benefit from cryptocurrency and the platform that carries it? At its most basic, the blockchain can be defined as a distributed digital ledger in which transactions

Ubuntu In Our Governments

ubuntu Government Technology BlockChain

Trust in governments has been waning over the past few thousand years, and the Western world hasn't been spared. While there are oppressive governments such as the People's Republic which filter web content, it's the spotty record America has that stuns the most. All

What Is Blockchain Technology?

BlockChain CryptoCurrency Technology

Blockchain describes a global online database that anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection, can use. Unlike traditional databases, which are owned by central figures like banks and governments: a blockchain doesn’t belong to anyone, and with an entire network looking after it cheating

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