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What Is Blockchain Technology?

BlockChain CryptoCurrency Technology

Blockchain describes a global online database that anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection, can use. Unlike traditional databases, which are owned by central figures like banks and governments: a blockchain doesn’t belong to anyone, and with an entire network looking after it cheating

Orania Goes Digital

CryptoCurrency Technology South Africa Orania

The town of Orania in the Northern Cape is taking their isolationism to whole new strata. The economist, Dawie Roodt has confirmed his involvement in a project to develop a new digital currency for the small Afrikaner-only community. According to Roodt, the digital currency

How Does Ethereum Differ From Bitcoin?

Botcoin Etherum CryptoCurrency

In the world of cryptocurrencies, which incidentaly is this world, Bitcoin has long been dominating. However, said dominance has not been without its challenges. Ethereum is another cryptocurrency which has attracted significant attention due to its additional features and applications. It's not Money, Per

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