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Update Ghost blog

update ghost blog ghost cli

Assuming you installed Ghost using Ghost CLI, it is a straight forward process to update Ghost. Change directories to where Ghost is installed: cd /var/www/ghost Simply run the following to update Ghost: ghost update

Install Ghost Ubuntu 17.04

ghost Install ubuntu 17.04 Nginx ssl ghost cli

The vast majority of blogs online are powered by wordpress, though a sneaky little competitor is gaining steady traction: Ghost :) To install Ghost on Ubuntu 17.04 follow these steps: First update and upgrade Ubuntu with the following commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get

How To Add Search To Ghost Editor

ghost HowTo Blogging

Editing on the Ghost platform has proven to be a pleasant experience for me, save for the lack of a built-in search functionality. Fortunately, Jamal Neufeld has shared great search engine he created that uses your RSS feed to quickly search through your posts

Change directory Ghost

ghost directory change

If you need to change the name of the root directory of your ghost installation, there are a couple of steps you'll need to take to ensure everything functions as expected. Should you want to change the domain name the same procedure will apply

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