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Monitor CPU Use on DigitalOcean Droplets

Monitoring DigitalOcean HowTo

Keeping an eye on your server's performance is important, and DigitalOcean provides Droplet graphs with up-to-the-minute visualizations of how your server is performing over time. In this guide, we will review the graphs that are available by default, as well as additional graphs available

Fix Google GPG Error on Ubuntu

Google ubuntu Security HowTo

This past weekend, the public signing key that Google issues to sign and authenticate packages distributed through its Linux repositories has changed, resulting in users, perhaps yourself included, seeing various errors thrown up by the package manager. If you’ve run an 'apt-update' since

How To Add Search To Ghost Editor

ghost HowTo Blogging

Editing on the Ghost platform has proven to be a pleasant experience for me, save for the lack of a built-in search functionality. Fortunately, Jamal Neufeld has shared great search engine he created that uses your RSS feed to quickly search through your posts

How To Install WebStorm On Ubuntu

IDE WebStorm php NodeJS HowTo JetBrains

Webstorm is a lightweight and powerful JavaScript IDE developed by JetBrains. It can easily handle complex client-side and server-side development with Node.js Assuming you require a Debian distribution package, follow these simple steps to installation. Open your terminal with: Ctrl+Alt+T Step

How To Download Tox on Ubuntu

HowTo ubuntu Tox

Tox is an instant messaging protocol which offers video-calling as well as end-to-end encryption. The project aims to provide a secure yet easily accessible communication medium for everyone. Assuming you require a Debian distribution package download, please follow these steps. Open your terminal with:

How To Download Linphone for Ubuntu

HowTo ubuntu Linphone

Linphone is an free to download, open-source VoIP service that lets users send text-messages as well as make voice and video calls to other Linphone users. Because it is available via PPA, installing Linphone 3.7.0 on the listed Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pinguy

How To Add A User on Ubuntu

HowTo ubuntu Technical

If you are looking to create a new ordinary user account but immediately grant them administrator privileges on their account, please follow the following steps. Open your terminal with: Ctrl+Alt+T Ordinary users are able to be granted administrator privileges should the root

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