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Ubuntu In Our Governments

ubuntu Government Technology BlockChain

Trust in governments has been waning over the past few thousand years, and the Western world hasn't been spared. While there are oppressive governments such as the People's Republic which filter web content, it's the spotty record America has that stuns the most. All

Digital Food Disruption

Technology Startups Amazon WholeFoods

Amazon’s latest ambition may drive a new wave of technological disruption in what many are calling the last frontier of industry and commerce to see real technological input. There’s no real mystery to why Amazon would be so assertive in grocery: Total

WYSIWYG Android Frameworks

Android Technology WYSIWYG

Want to build an app but don’t know how to code? Don’t have the inclination to learn? Don’t worry: there are still plenty of options out there for you. Android app makers are tools created specifically for those people who want

What Is Blockchain Technology?

BlockChain CryptoCurrency Technology

Blockchain describes a global online database that anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection, can use. Unlike traditional databases, which are owned by central figures like banks and governments: a blockchain doesn’t belong to anyone, and with an entire network looking after it cheating

Gauteng's Cashless Taxis

Technology Public Transport

In the coming three months, Gauteng’s Provincial Government will pilot a single e-ticket for public transport users. Last year, minibus taxi commuters were introduced to a similar project for routes between Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Mabopane by the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO)

Orania Goes Digital

CryptoCurrency Technology South Africa Orania

The town of Orania in the Northern Cape is taking their isolationism to whole new strata. The economist, Dawie Roodt has confirmed his involvement in a project to develop a new digital currency for the small Afrikaner-only community. According to Roodt, the digital currency

Trends Dominating Tech In Africa

Technology Africa AI ICT IOT

2016 was a great year for tech in our lifetimes, heralding groundbreaking technologies and innovations that changed many people’s lives. We drove alongside autonomous cars to the thinnest smartphones, leaps in stem cell research, and cured HIV in infants. It really felt like

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