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Get Chat Id of Telegram user

get chat id chatid telegram user

The first step is to get the API token for you bot. See this guide on how to do this. Next, navigate the following URL, replacing YOUR_BOT_API_TOKEN with the token retrieved by following the post above:

Telegram Introduces New Features

telegram messaging Mobile

Telegram now allows users to set a self-destruct timer for photos and videos they share in private chats. “If you set a timer, the countdown starts the moment your recipient opens the photo or video you sent,” said Telegram. After the time runs out,

Telegram messaging app - review

telegram messaging review whatsapp

If you haven't yet heard of Telegram, now you have :) Telegram is a rapidly growing cross platform messaging app with support on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Linux and a web version. Apart from being cross platform, Telegram has a simple yet powerful

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