Using Bluecove to send data with L2CAP

There are a good number of Bluetooth JSR82 implementations out there. Some cross-platform, others just for linux. The most common one found for Windows is Bluecove. Now this works nicely, but something which iv noticed is that even though there is support for 64 bit in the 2.11 snapshot, things don’t work quite as expected when trying to perform specific functions. The biggest problem being that the Windows Protocol Stack for Bluetooth doesn’t work with sending data across an L2CAP connection when utilizing the Bluecove library.

The solution to this problem is to uninstall the Microsoft Protocol stack and install the WIDCOMM protocol stack.

Something else to take note of is that developing on a 64bit os with java and Bluetooth tends to become displeasing to say the least. Save yourself some trouble and install the 32 bit JDK and ensure your IDE is using this as the default Java platform. More to come: Installation process for WIDCOMM