Viruses spreading across Ubuntu

If you’re using Linux, you’re probably elated with the fact that your
comp doesn’t need to spend hours scanning for spyware and viruses.. Well
here’s something very interesting which I discovered on Ubuntu:

I kept having to reinstall windows (ok i know that word is forbidden on
the same page as the word linux) due to a massive amount of viruses
infecting the windows machines. While reinstalling, I would always have
my Ubuntu machine hooked up to the network in order to grab the
installation files which I stored in a network share. Inside the network
share a number of random .exe files kept appearing and no matter how i
deleted them (root or not), they appeared again after a while. Well to
cut a long story short, it turned out that the reason why the windows
machines kept getting infected with viruses is because the viruses would
actually use the shared Ubuntu folders to spread across the network..
Quite interesting, since you always hear about “no viruses on linux due
to the strict file permissions..” You may ask if i tried password
protecting the folder, and yes i did, and still the viruses managed to
spread across the network..

Let me know what you think of this??
Over ‘n out