Vodacom Considers New Out-of-Bundle Rates


“We remain committed to addressing out-of-bundle pricing and have already introduced measures that seek to drive in-bundle usage.”

There's no escaping it, out-of-bundle data rates in South Africa are disproportionately high. In recent months, the consumer has attempted fighting back. However futile those attempts may have been, the network operators like Vodacom are working on different options to address customer's concerns.

In May, Vodacom said it is focused on addressing out-of-bundle pricing, and will make announcements regarding the issue in due course.
Details have now started to emerge regarding how the company plans to make data more affordable.

Moneyweb reported that an internal Vodacom pricing document proposed the current R1-per-MB OOB rate on contract should drop to R3 per 5MB.
This means that while the price will decline from R1 to 66c per MB, Vodacom may compensate for this lower rate with breakage on the larger unit size.
Vodacom confirmed to MyBroadband that it is considering an R3-per-5MB option, but stated that it is one of a number of options on the table.

The company said it will make announcements regarding new out-of-bundle prices once final decisions have been taken.

Another talking point or a genuine attempt to address a serious hindrance to connecting the last billion? Time will tell.