WHMCS – Perfect helpdesk/support online e-commerce platform

I have been fiddling around with WHMCS, which is the perfect solution to create an online store. It manages everything from purchases and credit card gateways, to stock levels, quotes, invoicing, recurring billing, and reporting second to none. You can manage support tickets, and knowledge base articles, providing a perfect means for your clients to report problems, and an easy to use interface for managing your ENTIRE business. With WHMCS you can get an online store going with minimal effort and little to no coding needed – simply purchase a license (very very cheap), install WHMCS (very very easy ? and manage your web-hosting company, your online store, or a nice and intuitive way to manage your finances and billing your clients. If you need any help setting up an online store or getting WHMCS going, I will be more than willing to assist.