So uv seen everyone carrying these fancy iphones around, and wow do they look funky! Awesome user interface, enough applications to monitor anything from a space shuttle launch to training for marathons. The iphone in many peoples opinion is the best cell phone every made, but for those who dont immediately jump onto the fast moving apple bandwagon, a very different story is told..Just because everyone is buying an ipod or an iphone doesnt necessarily make these products the best in their respective categories.. In my opinion the ipod is really not the best choice of mp3 player on the market, and heres why:
  • Its EXPENSIVE – you can get another mp3 player with the same capacity and functionality for half the price, and half the hassle.
  • Its BIG – simple, its oversized. Well maybe not the latest ones, but if you think about it why does the screen have to be soo big, all you need is to see whats playing and be able to navigate around the ipod. Some might disagree but i think its overkill.
  • Itunes really doesnt do the ipod/iphone justice, as songs are often synced to different libraries, and chances of u actually keeping the music you want on there more often than not, turns out to be frustrating.

Some pros for the ipod, and just so u kno, i do realize im going off on a tangent here ?

  • Its got a great user interface
  • Pretty solid, in that it doesnt break when you sneeze at it..

The ipod has had a massive influence worldwide, and many people automatically think that an MP3/M4A/WMA player is an ipod. Nope, its not, its a kind of mp3 player, with hundreds of other choices out there, for half the price and the same functionality (depending on whether you think a big screen with pretty pictures is functionality). Take a look at Sansa, especially the Sansa Clip for u athletes out there! Capacity ranges from 2GB ($40) to 8GB ($70), and it really is a beauty of an mp3 player. The 8GB ipod nano pitches up at $150, which is more than double the price of the clip. See what im talking about now?

Dont jump onto that bandwagon, do a little research and take a look at what you are buying, instead of buying one simply because everyone has one. Btw, the Sansa clip has built in voice recording capabilities, fm/am radio (which you are able to record!!!!), its small, good value for money, and it clips onto ur running shorts! What more do you want? Ok granted it doesnt have a colour screen and the interface is no match for the ipod.

The part you want to read – why not to buy the iphone

As mentioned above, the ipod as well as the iphone have a beautiful user interface and they simply look good and stylish. The big downside with iphone (3GS) is that:

  • The battery is junk, and you basically have to charge ur phone every single day (depending on usage)
  • The phone’s signal is really substandard for todays cell phone technology – Signal is often intermittent in high strength signal areas, and 3G coverage is lost a grea t number of times
  • Sending messages often fails
  • There is no delivery report function for the iphone – so you dont actually know if ur message has gone through or not (Really not a good decision on Apple’s part)
  • Limited Bluetooth functionality – for some reason (probably piracy), sending of files via Bluetooth has been disabled
  • A good number of users have reported that the wifi suddenly stops working
  • Non-customizable user interface – ok not many phones allow you to customize the user interface, but with capabilities and simplicity of user interface implementation, this should by no means be a limitation

So what should you do? Simple – Buy a Nokia, they’re rock solid and the amount of problems compared to the iphone are minimal. The amount of applications available for the iphone are considerably more than the Nokia, but its your choice in the end – guaranteed basic functionality (text messaging and phone calls) vs. a pretty user interface with substandard messaging and phone call performance.

Hope this post is persuasive enough!

Over ‘n out!