10 Cool Websites You Should Visit


Ah, Reddit! That extraordinary place where content is found quickly and easily seems to be a gift that keeps on giving. Compiled is a list of go-to sites as voted by users. You won't find Google on this list though, this is meant to feature only those websites you've always needed but probably didn't think existed. Strap in.

1. What's My Age Again?

Enter your birthday and the website will put your age into perspective with a whole host of morbid statistics.

2. Now Safe For Work

Trust Redditors to come up with a way to make it simple to browse the site without getting caught by your boss.

Check out PCottle to browse Reddit in Microsoft Outlook form.

If you don't like Outlook, you can use Subdood, which makes pages appear like a like Wikipedia page.

3. Sweet Harmony

If you're learning an instrument and want to learn how to play certain songs, the chances are that chordify can assist you.

4.Shop Like A Boss

You can now check when an item reduces the price of any product from your favourite online shopping store.
This site will alert you, keep track of item prices or just allow you to view the history of them over time. You have to create an account, but still, we're told, worth it.

5. Cool Shivers

If you ever needed to relax, with the optimal configuration of gentle waves to rain with a hint of the coffee shop, then you should bookmark this site.

If you use the internet at work, you might want to give this one a skip. You will drift off, drawing odd looks from colleagues and a jolting wake-up call from your boss.


6. Scholar Up

A learning resource which welcomes with the tagline 'You can learn anything'.

It doesn't seem to be lying, as many users jumped at the chance to recommended it.

It's free, not-for-profit, with no adverts and recommended by the internet. What could go wrong?

7. Manual Away

You've thrown away the manual to an electronic device immediately after opening it without a second thought. Coz you're some kind of millennial tech-genius. Great… Bookmark this site, we both know you need it.

8. No Report, Zone

This website generates books. It's a generation of every combination of letter, commas, full stops and spaces in the English language, in every possible combination.

Everything that has been spoken in English, and will ever be spoken or written, is in this database.


9. Procrastination Tools

Warning: Dont visit this site unless you have absoloutely nothing else to do. I' m not kidding.


10. Three Right Feet?

Do you have rhythm? It's a question that has plagued everyone too timid to pick up drumsticks or eyeballed for some out-of-sync shapes in clubs.

Now you can answer it, try to keep in time with the beat as the music fades out – you'll receive a score afterwards.

Which sites do you love to kill time with? Are any of them a part of your regular browsing habits? Share your thoughts below. Thanks for visiting Base64!