Extending the range of your wireless network with another router – 100% working

You might have two routers lying around at home, and you want to extend the range of your wireless network, but nobody can ever tell you how to go about doing this short of buying a range extender. Well its simple, you can use another router or any other wireless infrastructure device to extend the range of the network, provided that the extending device has an option called repeater-bridge mode. This mode is commonly found throughout the dd-wrt firmware on the Linksys wrt54gl device. Well lets get started, its very simple – the following needs to be done:

  1. Ensure that the SSID (Wireless network name) on the extending device is EXACTLY the same as the original network name, yes its case sensitive.

  2. Ensure that the wireless channels on both devices are the same. If your primary router doesnt have an option, you will have to try your luck with the auto channel select (default) on both devices. Some routers may have built in functionality which automatically changes the channel as the primary device changes its channel. This is pretty much how wireless range extenders work.

  3. Ensure that the wireless security mode, and the wireless security key are identical.

  4. Have fun and feel free to ask any questions