Handy Google Search Tips

Google grants you the power to search for whatever it is you seek. Even after years of ardent searching, many people don't know that Google allows you the opportunity to refine your search to get the best and most relevant results. Here's a list of how you can do just that


  • Search for an exact match by using quotes.

  • Exclude words by using the minus sign

  • Asterisks can be used as placeholders for unknown words

  • An “@” in the front of a word will search social media

  • Use the word “OR” to combine searches

  • The dollar sign can search for prices

  • Combine with two periods to search a range of numbers

  • Search a specific site by using “site”

  • Find related sites by using “related:”

Many of these can be combined – giving you the exact results you want

Which tips do you use to make your search experience on Google that much better? We'd like to hear from you, share in the comments below!
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