How To Improve Your Mozilla Firefox Browsing Experience

Linux allows those who prefer to use Mozilla ™ Firefox over other browsers the opportunity to have a faster browsing experience with a simple adjustment in settings.

While this hack isn't going to address many of the challenges already facing the user experience of Firefox, it might result in an appreciable boost in interaction and general responsiveness.

If you're running Firefox 53, follow these steps to enable hardware acceleration.

Run Mozilla Firefox

Open your browser and type the following:


A search box will appear and you will find the following setting:


Set the false setting to true by double clicking on it. This is the only change you will need to address to revert back to the original settings for any reason you might have.

You're going to have to re-run your browser before any changes take effect.

Be sure to quit the browser completely before relaunching it.

Did you have any notable effects in the way your browser works after doing this? Please share your experience and any comments you might have in the comments section below!