Increase size of VirtualBox vdi image – 100% working

For some strange reason there are a whole bunch of really unhelpful guides on how to increase the size of a virtualbox vdi image. Some of the guides use the resize command which doesnt seem to work anyways.

So here is the procedure to resize the disk:

  1. Create a new disk of desired size
  2. Open up command prompt or linux terminal and enter the following command VBoxManage clonehd old.vdi new.vdi –existing
  3. This will clone the old disk to the new disk
  4. Go to settings for the virtual machine and remove the old disk and add the new disk
  5. Boot up
  6. Right click on my computer and click on manage
  7. Click on disk management
  8. Right click on the C drive and click on extend volume
  9. Follow the prompts, finish, and enjoy your newly resized disk