Internet Service Providers – South Africa

Well it’s no surprise that the most expensive Internet on earth is in
Southern Africa… Since the integration of bandwidth from the SEACOM
underwater cable, Internet has slowly but surely become more affordable.
Enough rambling and down why I decided to post something.. With plenty
of ISPs popping up everywhere, South Africans are constantly searching
for the best value for money Internet. I’m convinced that Afrihost, Web
Africa, and Axxess are among the top ISPs out there.

Afrihost is the cheapest by a long shot with their 50GB package working
out to R950 p/m. Web Africa have a 20GB cap for R980, which is still a
good deal when compared to most ISPs. Afrihost has allocated double the
bandwidth of the current package until the end of may i.e if you have a
50GB package you get an extra 50GB p/m until the 31st May.

Afrihost throw in 5 email addresses and provide 5 concurrent connections
which is pretty impressive. Web Africa also allocate email addresses
with their packages, and they support 4 concurrent connections. 4
concurrent connections meaning that you can have 4 connections running
off the same account simultaneously (1 @ home, 1 @ work, 1 @ a friends
place …)

Afrihost do however implement significant port shaping restrictions
during business hours with regard bit torrent clients and other p2p file
sharing. Web Africa pretty much provides maximum throughput throughout
the day.

Anyways, if you’re looking for the best Internet Service Provider in
South Africa, go with Afrihost. Excellent customer service and over
good value for money. It must be mentioned that Web Africa have
outstanding customer service and are probably more efficient that
Afrihost, but they still work out quite a bit more expensive.

Over ‘n out!