Remove duplicates in outlook (Freeware)


Recently iv bin reinstalling quite a few peoples windows machines (grrrrrrr), and i needed to find a way to synchronize their contacts and calendar items with multiple machines. I came across two solutions: google calendar sync for outlook, and yahoo autosync. I had previously used yahoo autosync before having to reinstall the machines, and then decided to go with google calendar sync the second time around. This is what i found: Yahoo autosync has support for duplicate detection and prompts the user before making any drastic changes. Plenty of options are provided, and it works like a charm. One would imagine google calendar sync to be the same, but unfortunately, there arent many configurable options, and it is notorious for producing duplicates like theres no tomorrow! In the end i wound up uninstalling google calendar sync, after it creating 5800 duplicates for me!! To resolve the duplicates problem, i found a lovely little program created by a Fr. Simon Rundell of the Parish of the Holy Spirit, Southsea. Yes thats right, he’s a priest, creating software, awesome stuff! Basically the little program removes duplicates in outlook, and best of all its free. All that is asked is that you pray for the Fathers of Father Simon’s parish. Enjoy the software, and since its freely distributable, heres the link To conclude, use yahoo autosync (freeware) to share your outlook contacts, calendar etc among multiple machines. No need to pay $ for ms exchange server..

Have a great day! over ‘n out!!