Minimize, maximize, and close on right in Ubuntu Lucid (10.04)

So you’ve installed the wonderful Ubuntu 10.04 and wow are things looking great! Just one little problem: you keep getting confused when you want to minimize, maximize and close a window, since the default position of these icons is on the left of the window. Well not to worry, a very simple solution is to do the following:

  1. Hold down alt and press f2, this will bring up a window to run a command or program
  2. Type in gconf-editor and press enter
  3. Expand -> Apps -> Metacity -> general
  4. In the right window you will see a property called button_layout
  5. Move the colon “:” to the left of the minimize, maximize, and close commands
  6. Click close and ur sorted!
  7. Below are screenshots of the process and the result

The gconf-editor for the button_layout property should look as follows:


The final result, with the minimize, maximize and close buttons in Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) look as follows: