Recover/Reset Windows password before login – 100% working

So uv forgotten your windows password, and think its the end of the world. No stress, two very simple solutions:

  1. While looking at your login screen, press ctrl-alt-del twice in a row, and you should see a box pop up allowing you to input both your username and password. Simple enter Administrator for the username and leave the password blank, and ur in!!! Once uv logged in under the admin account, you can go to control panel, then go to user accounts, and simply change the password of the forgotten user and ur sorted. The reason for this method working is that by default windows xp enables an Administrator account – silly.

  2. If this doesnt work, then go to: and burn the cd image to disk. Insert the disk upon bootup and you’ll be able to change and remove any user’s password.

Have fun and remember: be nice, dont steal ?