Split data in 1 excel column into multiple columns (Split by delimiter)

Well I came across a situation the other day where a client had data in one column and wanted to extract that data and put elements of that column into other columns. A nice little formula:


A1 – original string

B1: =LEFT(A1, FIND(“/”,A1)-1)

C1: =MID(A1, FIND(“/”, A1)+1,LEN(A1))

This of course is assuming that the delimiter is /


In this case, cell A1 contains the original string which you wish to split and place in separate columns. B1 takes all the data to the left of the / sign from A1 and places it in cell B1. C1 Takes all data to the right of the / from cell A1 and places this in Cell C1.

I hope this helps.

Cheerio ?