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Split large files Ubuntu

file ubuntu linux split large parts

If you're working with large log files and you're not comfortable using vi or vim then you might want to split your log/text file into multiple parts based on the number of lines per file. You can run the following command to split

How To Patch Sudo on Ubuntu

Security ubuntu linux Sudo

A bug has been identified in sudo’s get_process_ttyname(). This significant vulnerability in the sudo command on SELinux enabled systems granting root access to anyone with a shell account. Basically, a local user with privileges to execute commands via sudo could potentially

WannaCry 2.0?

WannaCry 2.0?

WannaCry Security Ransomware linux

Boston, Massachussetts based software company Rapid7 has confirmed a vulnerability in their system on over 104 000 computers running the widely used free networking Linux software Samba. This flaw in

Find folder/directory size Linux

ubuntu linux folder size

To find the size of a directory including files and folders therein, run the following command in the terminal: du -h /path/to/your/directory/ The -h flag stands for "human" which gives you disk size in a human readable format (1K,

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