Video editing in Ubuntu

Recently I needed to concatenate (join) a few video files and fiddle with some effects, so I started my search for the best software on (powered by Google). I went to a few forums and blogs and the following 3 video editing programs turned up:

Cinelerra (not Cinerella)

So after downloading each of them and giving them a solid test, I found openshot to be the best by a long shot (excuse the pun :). The reason for this is because its stable, simple, and powerful, and gets the job done without crashing everytime you move ur mouse (Kdenlive). Kdenlive was the next best, but as soon as more than one file is being edited or joined, it crashes. Last in the queue is Cinelerra, and im sure many people will disagree with me, but I found it hopeless. Terrbile user interface which reminded me of something out of the 80’s, and it just wasnt obvious how to do simple things.

Openshot (not in the repos) has a beautiful interface and is streaks ahead of the other video editing software. My apologies if there is other more specialized software out there, but openshot gets the job done, gets it done fast and with pretty much anything you want it to do: effects, delays, speed of playback, support for multiple audio and video types with plenty of bitrates to choose from. There is however one thing I noticed about openshot is that its fading is a little buggy, but it works most of the time.