WannaCry 2.0?

Boston, Massachussetts based software company Rapid7 has confirmed a vulnerability in their system on over 104 000 computers running the widely used free networking Linux software Samba. This flaw in their system leaves thousands of computers potentially vulnerable to an attack similar to the 300 000 computers attacked by WannaCry.

On Friday, The United States Department of Homeland Security announced the flaw prompting an urgent patch.

Although there havent been any signs of the patch being exploited by attackers, it wouldn’t take long to abuse the flaw.

Of the 100 000 found to be running Samba, many of them were said to be running an old version of the software which created the potential vulnerability.

While most of the computers were private users, some were linked to companies and organisations. The vulnerability could potentially be used to create a bug similar to the one that created WannaCry and enabled it to spread at such a rapid pace.

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